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Some of the trips described in were free "fam" trips. However, as professional writers, we never write what, in our opinion, is not a true evaluation of a place. If we do not like a place we visit we say so, or we simply do not write about it.

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*** Attention friends of***
It is with warm welcome that we announce Emma Krasov as the new owner, editor and publisher of -
the internet's longest running travel magazine.
Emma has been a trusted source of travel adventures for RTA for many years and comes with some exciting new plans and a great new interactive look for the website (watch for the March issue).
Bill and Bonnie Neely will remain on as consultants and contributors to RTA.
Robb Hoch and Perry Montoya will also stay on as writers for the e-zine.
We look forward to a long and healty future for RTA!  Please continue to invite friends and family to subscribe/enjoy this site.

Santiago, Chile  By Bonnie and Bill Neely
We have wanted to see the bottom of the world for years, and we almost went as travel writers six years ago when we had the possibility of traveling on a cargo ship from South Africa in two of the twelve tourist spots they allowed. At that we wanted to go also to Antarctica so that we could say we had been on every continent. READ MORE . . .

Aspen/Snowmass Colorado: Something for Everyone By Terry "Travels With Terry" Zinn
The ski resorts at Aspen / Snowmass seem to have something for everyone: whether its panoramic snow caped mountain views, the skiing and snowboarding slopes, shopping, fine dining, fun beverage pubs, or just plain sleeping in mornings in your lux resort room. READ MORE . . .

In Great Style at Stonepine Estate By Emma Krasov, photography by Yuri Krasov
Heading to Stonepine Estate and Equestrian Center on a calm sunny afternoon, I planned so many things to do in Carmel Valley – one of the most precious jewels of Northern California! Point Lobos State Reserve nearby, with its wild ocean coast . . . READ MORE . . .

By Perry Montoya
"This is the right place" said Brigham Young as Mormon Pioneers entered the Great Salt Lake Valley. Their overland exodus to the valley of Salt Lake officially culminated on July 24th, 1847. Records (according to show that, "On the very day of arrival the pioneers began tilling the soil and planting crops" (italics added). One thing is for sure, since that time the food that Salt Lake City has had to offer has only increased in variety and quality.   READ MORE . . .

Saving Mr. Cranks By Robb Hoch, Ed.D.
I’m a die-hard Disneyland fan. Always have been. And I assumed everyone else felt the same way. That was until a good friend of mine, Dave, told me he didn’t like D-land and even suggested that my twitterpation with “the happiest place on earth” was a hit on my manliness.
This article is for Dave, a.k.a. Mr. Cranks.   READ MORE . . .

My wife and I had a few days to take off, so we planned a quick excursion to the Long Beach area. Deciding not to make the trip too exclusive, we invited our kids along. It was early July, they were out of school for the summer, and we figured spending a few warm days closer to the ocean could help kick their summer doldrums.  READ MORE . . .

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New books and audio  (click here for reviews)


Louisiana Seafood Bible by Jerad and Glenda Horst
Roads to Berlin by Cees Nooteboom
A Texan in Tuscany by Cash Nickerson
Inside the Real Area 51 by Thomas J. Carey andn Donald R. Schmitt
The Exodus Reality by Scott Alan Roberts and John Richard Ward
For Nobody's Eyes Only by Nick Redfern
The Mountain: My Time on Everest by Ed Viesturs
The Other Talk from AARP by Tim Prosch
Photo Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop by Vickie Ellen Wolper

For Children And Parents

Bully Bean by Thomas and Peter Week, Illustrated by Len DeSalvo
Top Dogs from Sports Illustrated for Kids , illustrated by John Ueland
Bluebonnet at the Alamo by Mary Borrke Casad, Illustrated by Benjamin Vincent
Hating Heidi Foster by Jeffrey Blount


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